How to enter Moshi Monsters secret codes

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moshi monster cheat code free roxWe have a few new Moshi Monster Codes for you to try!

The first code  is ZOMBIE. Know what could that be?

For some free Rox try  232RICH. Let us know how many you get!

To let some light into your Moshi Monster room give LANTERN a try! Could it really be a lantern?

Finally try the Moshi Monster code AUTUMN. Let us know what you get when you unlock it!

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How to enter Moshi Monsters secret codesWhen you log into Moshi Monsters you can enter an optional secret code. These codes are given away with various Moshi merchandise such as the Moshi Monsters Magazine.

Our guide on how to enter secret codes has more info.

Some of the codes you get are unique and can only be used once so they won’t work if you give these to your friends.

If you’re looking for details of which seeds you need to plant to attract Moshlings to your Moshling Garden then take a look at our Moshling Flower Combinations guide.

Below are a few codes to get you going. We will be adding an extensive list of codes very shortly so please check our site.

  • Cuddly Big Bad Bill – MOSHI310
  • Cuddly IGGY – MUNCH
  • Cuddly Kissy – FIZZING
  • Cuddly Peppy – BLEURGH
  • Cuddly Tiki -ZIPPSTERS
Moshi Monster item cheat codes can be found here
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