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Well here at Moshi Monsters Cheat Codes were all getting excited about the forthcoming release of Moshi Monsters The Movie! If you haven’t seen the trailer here it is for you!

Moshi Monsters The Movie will be in cinemas nation wide on the 20th December!

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PinesteinWant to know the Moshi Monsters Seed combination for Pinestein Moshling the winning creation from the Design A Moshling Contest 2013 well here you go!

Pinestein Seed Combination

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Great Moshi Treasure Hunt


Put on your eye patches, rattle your cutlasses and get ready for the BIGGEST, BADDEST Moshi Monsters theme EVER! The PIRATES are invading Monstro City!

Hoist the mainsails and head to Bleurgh Beach where a watery world of fun and games is already underway, with brand new quests, mini-games, pirate shops and MORE!

And to pick up your first piece of pirate treasure, use the Moshi Monsters Secret Code:

  • 200 FREE Rox – PIRATE268
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Moshi Monsters have launched their annual Design a Moshling Competition and you could design their next Moshling!!!

So grab your pens and pencils and anything else you can get creative with!

The prizes are great as well:

  • 1st Prize – Your moshling design will be turned into a real in-game Moshling! Plus £500 of art supplies for your school, a hand drawn illustration of your Moshling framed and signed by Mr Moshi, and a big bag of Moshi goodies!
  • Five runners up will also get – £500 worth of art supplies for their school and a bag of Moshi goodies!

So what are you waiting for???

Here’s the rules and dont forget to send your entries to Moshi Monsters at

Design a Moshling Competition

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Waiting to find out whether your gardening has lured a Moshling?

GREAT news! Choose the right seeds and you could have a brand new Moshling for your collection EVERY HALF HOUR!!

Thanks to a little genetic moshification, all of Monstro City’s seeds are now SUPERFAST! No need to wait 6 hours for your fangtastic flowers!

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5th Birthday HatWell today is the 5th Birthday of Moshi Monsters and we have been invited down to their Birthday Party!

As part of the their celebrations they have released a Moshi Monsters Secret Code:

  • 5th Birthday Hat – HAPPYBDAY5
Hope you all enjoy the Birthday Hat!
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Here is the latest news from Moshi Monsters on the Snozzle Wobbleson and how to get one:

Snozzle Wobbleson

As you may be aware, the Ultra-Rare Moshi Monsters character Snozzle Wobbleson has been delayed arriving in the UK due to a production scheduling error. We are now doing everything we can to put this right and we’ll keep you updated on this site as we go along.


There’s various ways to get a Snozzle as we’ve listed below.


In order to make Snozzle Wobbleson available to Moshi collectors, a “Snozzle Saturday” swap day will be held across all The Entertainer stores in England and Wales enabling fans to swap an existing Moshi Monsters figure for a Snozzle (for other stores taking part in Scotland, Northern and Republic of Ireland please click the button below for details). “Snozzle Saturday” will take place on Saturday 16th March from 10am in these stores with Snozzles being available while stocks last on a first come/first served basis, limited to one application per person.


For fans who are unable to attend “Snozzle Saturday” swap day, we have arranged for a limited number of Snozzle Wobblesons to be dispatched by post – while stocks last – via our consumer services group. These will be available on Monday 18th March, the Monday after ‘Snozzle Saturday’, limited to one application per person at a cost of £1 (inc. P&P), on a first come/first served basis.

Giving to Comic Relief

As ‘Snozzle Saturday’ will be taking place the day after Comic Relief, we are going to ensure that all funds generated through the sale of these Snozzle figures via consumer services are donated to the Comic Relief charity.

How to Order – Not available until 10am on Monday 18th March

Please order via our website (all details below) so that we can process your details and get a Snozzle sent out to you as soon as possible. These options will be available from 10am on Monday 18th March.

Online (quickest):       Complete the online application. Available 10am on Monday 18th March.

Post:                           Application forms are available 10am on Monday 18th March.

Phone:                        Please Call 01702 200660 and have your payment details to hand (Available 10am on Monday 18th March). Please make                                    sure you have authority to use the payment card.


We anticipate that Snozzle will be turning up in Moshi Monsters blind bags and assortments in the usual retailers very soon – we’ll keep you posted.

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Moshi Monsters Moshi BusHave you been on the Moshi Monsters Moshi Bus yet?

We haven’t but we can’t wait for it to come to a town near us. It’s next stop is Liverpool so if you can get there here are the times and dates!

Smyths Toy Superstore: Liverpool
New Mersey Shopping Park,
Speke Road,
L24 8QB
Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th March 2013
11am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm each day

If your lucky enough to be able to get to Smyths Toy Superstore Liverpool you’ll be able to meet Buster Bumblechops, pick up an exclusive Busling trading card, shop on the top level shop, and exit in style on a slide! For more info, visit

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Moshi Monsters EggsHave you picked up your egg yet?

If your a Moshi Monsters member get your Monster to the Main Street near the picnicking monsters. There you will find a golden egg! Pick it up then go home, go into you Moshling garden and to the right of your flowers you will see a nest with the egg in and a countdown. Each day you need to click the egg three times until the coundown finishes then when you click the egg a Moshling will hatch!!!

hiphop moshlingWe got Hip Hop! Let us know what you get?

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