Moshi Monsters Moshling Flower Combinations

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Splurgee Burdock

We have Moshi Monsters Codes for special Moshling Seeds!!! You’ll need to plant one of these special seeds with any two other (normal) seeds in your garden. When the plants grow, they’ll attract one of these Moshlings!

For Lurgee you’ll need to plant the Splurgee Burdock, for Carter the Ra-Tichoke, for Bodge the Non-Drip Moss, for Vinne the Glamellia and for Hocus you’ll need to plant the Hocus Crocus.  Remember only one special seed at a time!

Splurgee Burdock Seed – SNOWFLAKE

a-Tichoke Seed – SNOWBALL

Non-Drip Moss Seed – REDNOSE

Hocus Crocus Seed – ICICLES

Glamellia Seed – 2014

Here are two more Moshi Monsters Codes for 50 FREE Rox and Roary’ Directors Chair!

50 Rox – MYSTERY

Roary’s Director Chair  – ROARYCHAIR

Dont forget to check all our other codes and remember only plant one special seed at a time!!!
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Micro DaveMoshi Monsters have released another two Moshlings for you! This time their Techies 2.0 Moshlings!

The first is Micro Dave created by Isaissa winner of the design a Moshling competition 2012.

Micro Dave the Popty-ping

What’s cooking?? Why it’s a Popty-Ping! Often mistaken for Grinning Googleboxes, these jolly Moshlings are the hottest critters in town. Ask one to heat up some gloop soup or defrost your mutant sprouts and it will be glad to oblige. It might even give you a high five – but take care because those oven mitts get really hot. Ping!

To get Micro Dave your going to need to grow the following plants in your Moshling Garden:

Blue Hot Silly Pepper, Blue Hot Silly Pepper and Pink Star Blossom

CosmoThe second Techie 2.0 is Cosmo!

Cosmo Mini Moshulator

Able to calculate the cost of a billion gooberries in seconds, Mini Moshulators are friendly Moshlings you can count on – literally because they love having their buttons pushed. Press ’em in a certain order and they might even hand you a printout of a popular equation and beep a fraction of a tune.

To get Cosmo your going to need to grow the following plants in your Moshling Garden:

3 Black Hot Silly Peppers!

Good luck catching them!

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HissyMoshi Monsters have released another new Moshling for you to catch in your Moshi Monsters Garden.

So who is it and what do i need to plant you ask?

It’s Hissy the Jazzy Wiggler!

“Psst…” No, it’s not a secret, it’s the noise Jazzy Wigglers make whenever they hear a wild tune. Distant relatives of Beatnik Boas, these way-cool Moshlings can’t resist making jazzy sounds 24/7 by poking out their tongues and shaking their jellybean tail rattles. Put simply , they don’t wanna hiss a thing!

To catch your own Hissy Jazzy Wiggler you will need the following plants:

Purple Moon Orchid, Black Snap Apple and any colour Hot Silly Peppers.

Good luck!!!

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Moshling ZiggyMoshi Monsters have released another Moshling for you to catch in your Moshi Monsters Garden!

Ziggy the Quirky Koala who is a Roxstars Moshling:-

Pump up the glam bacause Quirky Koalas are the music loving Moshlings that enjoy face painting and stomping around to flamboyant old songs. If you see one sprinkling glitter on the ground, don’t worry it’s probably preparing to mark its terretory by performing a signature glitter angel.

To catch Ziggy your going to need to plant the following combination Black Crazy Daisy, any Dragon Fruit, any Dragon Fruit.

Moshi Monsters are launching another Moshling next week so check back to see what it is!

Good luck catching Ziggy!

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Betty The Yodelling MooMooThere’s a New Moshling for you to collect in your Moshi Monsters Garden.

Betty the Yodeling MooMoo


Next time you hear that unmistakable call you’ll know that a Yodeling MooMoo is close by. But not that close because these opera-trained Moshlings can be heard from miles away. In fact their yodeling is so loud it’s often used to trigger avalanches!

To get the new Moshling Betty you’ll need the following combination of flowers:

Any Hot Silly Pepper, Black Star Blossom and any Love Berries.

Good luck in catching her!

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PinesteinWant to know the Moshi Monsters Seed combination for Pinestein Moshling the winning creation from the Design A Moshling Contest 2013 well here you go!

Pinestein Seed Combination

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Jessie the Ginger McMoshlingDo you want Jessie the Ginger McMoshling? Well here’s how to get him!

Throught to be a distant sescendant of the legendary Sock Less Monster, Ginger McMoshlings resemble mini Jabbersauruses – ancient creatures that roamed the world of Moshi before the Great Custard Flood. These tartan-clad critters love a wee jig whenever they hear sagpipes and enjoy wearing their false beards as kilts. Och-aye!

Seed Combo:

Jessie the Ginger McMoshling Seed Combo

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moshi monster seedsIf you want to collect moshlings, you’ll need to plant different seeds in your Moshling Garden. Different combinations of seeds will attract different Moshlings. Here’s our complete list of Moshling Flower Combinations

Flowers to attract Common Moshlings

To get these moshlings you don’t need to worry about the colour of the flowers, just the combinatin of the different types of flower. This means that these are the easiest moshlings to attract.

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
002 Chop Chop (Ninjas) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
003 Ginger Snap (Kitties) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
007 Fifi (Puppies) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
008 Squidge (Spookies) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY) Dragon Fruid (ANY)
010 Snookums (Dinos) Star Blossom (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY)
012 Shelly (Nutty) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
013 DJ Quack (Birdies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY)
015 Gracie (Snowies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Snap Apple (ANY) Love Berries (ANY)
018 Stanley (Fishies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Love Berries (ANY)
020 Purdy (Kitties) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
023 Humphrey (Beasties) Crazy Daisy (ANY) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
024 Angel (Ponies) Hot SIlly Peppers (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY)

Flowers to attract Uncommon Moshlings

Uncommon moshlings need one of the three flowers to be a specific colour.

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
027 Kissy (Spookies) Star Blossom (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Star Blossom (PURPLE)
028 Rocky (Worldies) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Crazy Daisy (PINK)
030 Lady Meowford (Kitties) Star Blossom (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (BLUE)
034 Dipsy (Fluffies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Moon Orchid (Yellow)
038 McNulty (Puppies) Star Blossom (PURPLE) Snap Apple (ANY) Snap Apple (ANY)
039 Shelby (Ninjas) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Dragon Fruit (BLACK)
040 Doris (Dinos) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
043 Blurp (Fishies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Love Berries (PINK)
047 Sooki-Yaki (Ninjas) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (RED)
048 Priscilla (Ponies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Snap Apple (YELLOW)
050 Pooky (Dinos) Moon Orchid (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (PURPLE)
036 HipHop (Tunies) Crazy Daisy (ANY) Love Berry (ANY) Star Blossom (Black)

Flowers to attract Rare Moshlings

To get Rare Moshlings two of the flowers in the moshling garden must be the correct colours. The third flower can be any colour.

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
052 Coolio (Foodies) Star Blosson (ANY) Love Berries (BLACK) Snap Apple (PINK)
053 Fumble (Fishies) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Magic Beans (YELLOW)
054 Flumpy (Fluffies) Star Blossom (ANY) Magic Beans (RED) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
055 White Fang (Puppies) Moon Orchid (RED) Magic Beans (RED) Crazy Daisy (ANY)
056 Mr Snoodle (Ponies) Hot SIlly Peppers (ANY) Dragon Fruit (Yellow) Hot Silly Peppers (PURPLE)
057 Honey (Fluffies) Magic Beans (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Snap Apple (BLUE)
059 Hansel (Foodies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (BLACK) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
060 Ecto (Spookies) Hot SIlly Peppers (ANY) Love Berries (RED) Love Berries (Black)
061 Liberty (Worldies) Love Berries (BLACK) Love Berries (RED) Love Berries (ANY)
065 Tiki (Birdies) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Love Berries (RED)
070 O’REally (Luckies) Star Blossom (ANY) Dragon Fruit (Yellow) Dragon Fruit (Blue)
071 Peppy (Birdies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Magic Beans (YELLOW) Moon Orchid (RED)
072 Cali (Fishies) Magic Beans (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Love Berries (BLUE)
073 Jeepers (Beasties) Love Berries (ANY) Snap Apple (BLUE) Crazy Daisy (RED)
074 Prof. Purples (Birdies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Moon Orchid (YELLOW)
077 Waldo (Kitties) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Star Blossom (RED)
069 Oompah (Tunies) Crazy Daisy (ANY) Star Blossom (YELLOW) Crazy Daisy (YELLOW)

Flowers to attract Ultra Rare Moshlings

To get these Ultra-Rare moshlings you need not just to have the correct types of flowers, but each of the flowers must also be the correct colour!

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
078 Burnie Snap Apple (RED) Snap Apple (RED) Crazy Daisy (BLUE)
079 Gigi (Ponies) Hot Silly Peppers (BLUE) Moon Orchid (RED) Hot Silly Peppers (YELLOW)
080 Cleo (Worldies) Snap Apple (YELLOW) Crazy Daisy (BLUE) Crazy Daisy (PINK)
082 General Fuzuki (Ninjas) Hot Silly Peppers (RED) Love Berries (YELLOW) Star Blossom (PURPLE)
083 Gurgle (Dinos) Dragon Fruit (RED) Love Berries (PURPLE) Magic Beans (YELLOW)
084 Scamp (Puppies) Dragon Fruit (PINK) Moon Orchid (Blue) Snap Apple (BLACK)
087 ShiShi (Beasties) Dragon Fruit (RED) Hot Silly Peppers (YELLOW) Crazy Daisy (BLACK)
088 Oddie (Foodies) Star Blossom (PURPLE) Star Blossom (BLACK) Star Blossom (YELLOW)
089 Big Bad Bill (Spookies) Star Blossom (BLUE) Love Berries (YELLOW) Star Blossom (BLACK)
091 Cutie Pie (Foodies) Dragon Fruit (BLUE) Star Blossom (PINK) Crazy Daisy (PURPLE)
097 Mini Ben (Worldies) Snap Apple (BLACK) Snap Apple (BLACK) Snap Apple (BLACK)
100 IGGY (Fluffies) Moon Orchid (BLACK) Crazy Daisy (PURPLE) Crazy Daisy (PURPLE)
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