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Well Halloween has been and gone but have you managed to get the 10,000 Ecto Gloops to get the Moshling Hoolio?

By shooting the ghosts in the four haunted houses you can build up 10,000 Ecto Gloops quite quickly, and it’s worth it as the Moshling Hoolio is a cool little character!

HoolioHoolio – Creepy Crooner – Roxstars

Dead good on guitar, Creepy Crooners are the wandering minstrels who love playing mournful mariachi music, especially when there is a full moon. With their colourful make up and snazzy outfits they can often be found in posh Moshi restaurants serenading diners, handing out dead roses and collecting tips in their hats. How romantic!

Don’t forget by completing the haunted houses you will also collect four other moshlings the Screamies!

GlobGlob – Gone-Wrong Blob

The result of a series of failed experiments, Gone-Wrong Blobs are the squishy squashy Moshlings in search of a cure. You see these well-meaning dollops were once monstery professors whose attempts to create a mega Moshling went horribly wrong due to a spelling mistake in a teleporter instruction book.


Marsha – Boggy Swampling

Legand has it that the murky slack Lagoon is contaminated with radioactive gloop. Well how else do you explain the existance of Boggy Swamplings? With their head mounted fins, flappy-flippers and big buggy eyes, it’s the only explanation. Thankfully these slime-guzzling Moshlings are friendly, especially if you’ve got a few dead gutterflies.

RandallRandall – Little Red Riding Wolf

My, what big fangs they have! Indeed, but there’s more to Little Red Riding Wolves than sharp teeth and wild eyes because these howling mad Moshlings harbour a deep secret: they transform into sweet little girlies whenever there’s a full moon. Barking but all the better to see things with!


Jibbly – Dearly-Departed Nibbly

It’s not easy being a debonair high-roller when you can’t resist snacking on fellow Moshlings. Luckily, Dearly-Departed Nibblies only get peckish at night, so they can enjoy spending their days drooling over the finer things in life, such as vintage Wobble-ade, swing music and rancid eyeball roulette.



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Micro DaveMoshi Monsters have released another two Moshlings for you! This time their Techies 2.0 Moshlings!

The first is Micro Dave created by Isaissa winner of the design a Moshling competition 2012.

Micro Dave the Popty-ping

What’s cooking?? Why it’s a Popty-Ping! Often mistaken for Grinning Googleboxes, these jolly Moshlings are the hottest critters in town. Ask one to heat up some gloop soup or defrost your mutant sprouts and it will be glad to oblige. It might even give you a high five – but take care because those oven mitts get really hot. Ping!

To get Micro Dave your going to need to grow the following plants in your Moshling Garden:

Blue Hot Silly Pepper, Blue Hot Silly Pepper and Pink Star Blossom

CosmoThe second Techie 2.0 is Cosmo!

Cosmo Mini Moshulator

Able to calculate the cost of a billion gooberries in seconds, Mini Moshulators are friendly Moshlings you can count on – literally because they love having their buttons pushed. Press ’em in a certain order and they might even hand you a printout of a popular equation and beep a fraction of a tune.

To get Cosmo your going to need to grow the following plants in your Moshling Garden:

3 Black Hot Silly Peppers!

Good luck catching them!

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HissyMoshi Monsters have released another new Moshling for you to catch in your Moshi Monsters Garden.

So who is it and what do i need to plant you ask?

It’s Hissy the Jazzy Wiggler!

“Psst…” No, it’s not a secret, it’s the noise Jazzy Wigglers make whenever they hear a wild tune. Distant relatives of Beatnik Boas, these way-cool Moshlings can’t resist making jazzy sounds 24/7 by poking out their tongues and shaking their jellybean tail rattles. Put simply , they don’t wanna hiss a thing!

To catch your own Hissy Jazzy Wiggler you will need the following plants:

Purple Moon Orchid, Black Snap Apple and any colour Hot Silly Peppers.

Good luck!!!

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Moshling ZiggyMoshi Monsters have released another Moshling for you to catch in your Moshi Monsters Garden!

Ziggy the Quirky Koala who is a Roxstars Moshling:-

Pump up the glam bacause Quirky Koalas are the music loving Moshlings that enjoy face painting and stomping around to flamboyant old songs. If you see one sprinkling glitter on the ground, don’t worry it’s probably preparing to mark its terretory by performing a signature glitter angel.

To catch Ziggy your going to need to plant the following combination Black Crazy Daisy, any Dragon Fruit, any Dragon Fruit.

Moshi Monsters are launching another Moshling next week so check back to see what it is!

Good luck catching Ziggy!

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There are new Summer Moshlings for you to collect in your Moshi monsters Garden. You can now collect the new Moshlings Misty, Toasty and Prickles! Moshi Monsters are going to release another Moshling next week so what are you waiting for get planting in your Moshi Monsters Garden and collect them all!!!

More Moshlings

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The Great Moshi Beanstalk TwaddletonHow are you getting on with the The Great Moshi Beanstalk? Have you managed to get Twaddle yet?

Well the second part of The Great Moshi Beanstalk has gone live today and you can get Grinny the Persuasive Pusskin! Reminds me of the Cheshire Cat in the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland 🙂

So if you haven’t got Grinny yet get jumping up the Beanstalk!



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The Great Moshi Beanstalk TwaddletonMoshi Monsters have launched The Great Moshi Beanstalk game this week! You can win Experience Rox and Moshlings!

We have had a look to see who is coming and so far we have found two new Moshlings that can be captured through playing The Great Moshi Beanstalk.

You have to bounce up the beanstalk to reach each of the games.

Let us know how you get on and what you think of The Great Moshi Beanstalk!

Twaddle Moshling

Slurpy Moshling

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MistyWe have a new Moshling!!!

Misty the Payful Pfft Pfft, she’s an Arties set Moshling and Rare.

Her bio says: Spraying pretty patterns sounds like a pleasant enough hobby but Playful Pfft Pfft can’t help puffing paint over everything in sight. After all, why say it if you can spray it? Thankfully, hip gooperstars shuch as Blingo are starting to decorate their cribs with funky artwork. (Always shake before use.)

The combination of seeds you need to get this Moshling is: Yellow Hot Silly Pepper, Purple Dragon Fruit and any colour Snap Apple.

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