Season Four Moshlings

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So you want to know how to get all the season four Moshi Monsters Moshlings? Below is all the information you need, who they are, what they like and most important how to get them 🙂

OReally moshlingO’Really Moshling

O’Really is a moshling as seen in the Daily Growl. You had to solve the puzzle, then it shows you the shadow of the moshling.

How to get moshling O’Really
Any Star Blossom + Blue Dragon Fruit + Yellow Dragon Fruit

Set Luckies

Then you’d best look away because Unlucky Larrikins are the most unfortunate Moshlings of all. Not that they know it because they are always looking on the bright side, whistling, joking and telling tall stories to anyone who will listen. It must be the way they tell ‘em. Zzzzz…

Near the fabled Barmy Stone of Shamrock Bog.

Limericks and rainbows.

Gold paint and breakfast cereal.

Tomba MoshlingTomba Moshling

Tomba Moshling Good news for moshlings fans, I’m sure you know the snowman that usually seen on Twistmas like moshling Tomba #63 in the Snowies set with species Wistful Snowtot and rarity Rare. Moshling Tomba makes Montro City more cool-as-ice moshling extra special such us anything maybe frozen.

How to get moshling Tomba
Completed super moshi mission 9 Snow Way Out

Set Snowies

Feeling Chilly? There must be a Wistful Snowtot nearby. Made of ice, snow and stuff we don’t know these frosty Moshlings are usually glum. Hardly surprising as adominable critters are always kicking them to bits.

On Mount Sillimanjaro but they sometimes migrate (to go curling) on the Frostipop Glacier.

Droopy beanies and sad songs

Funny Bunnies (they nibble noses) and central heating.

CocoLoco moshlingCocoLoco Moshling

Do you know moshlings CocoLoco. CocoLoco the Naughty Nutter is a moshling from the Nutties. He is a coconut with a yellow straw in his head. CocoLoco have number 109 and i hope you have this moshling.

How to get moshling CocoLoco
Complete season 2 mission 1 A Close Encounter of the Zoshi Kind

Set Nutties

Fancy a drink? You’re in good company because Naughty Nutters can’t stop sipping bongo-colada from their nutty heads. It’s refreshing stuff but it makes them slighty nuts because you’ll often find them congo-ing, limbo-ing, and partying the night away.

High up in the Hoohah Husk Trees of Gombala Gombala Jungle and the Unknown Zone of Music Island.

Hulu dancing and Ukeliles.

Curly straws and Pork scratchings.

Woolly moshlingWoolly Moshling

Moshling Woolly the Titchy-Tusked Mammoth is, what appears to be blue Mr. Snoodle. Woolly is Moshling Snowies and he have number 058.

How to get Moshling Woolly
Complete Season 2 Mission 3 Bungle in the Jungle

Set Snowies

Most evenings are spent dyeing their pelts with Inka essence and dipping their ears and feet in gloopy green puddles. They can even remove their blue coats if it gets too warm and unscrew their tusks.

Dozing in blocks of ice in ChillyBot State Park or eating hoodle plants around the Unknown Zone on Music Island.

Cotton-candy kebabs and hairdryers

Scissors and styling wax.

Scarlet OHaira MoshlingScarlet O’Haira Moshling

Scarlet O’Haira the Fluffy Snuggler is an upcoming moshling in the Mythies set along with Jessie and Shambles. She is a parody of Scarlet O’Hara.

How to get moshling Scarlet O’Haira
Completed Season 2 Mission 7: Masters of the Swooniverse

Set Mythies

Frankly my dears, Fluffy Snugglers don’t give a flying gooberry about silly Moshling collectors like me. There too busy snuggling each other. In fact, these happy little hairballs just adore hugging and love being loved, even if the thing doesnt return the favor. I’ve seen snugglers hugging lamp posts for hours on end. And I once woke up in my tent to find a few snuggling up round my feet. Not that I’m complaining because they are incredibly warm. And with all that fluff, it’s hard to resist snuggling them back.

You’d think being bright red would make Fluffy Snugglers easy to spot but I’ve yet to to discover where they come from. Maybe I should just ask?

Hugging & pompoms.

Frowns & Naked flames.

Fizzy moshlingFizzy Moshling

Moshling Fizzy the Lipsmacking Bubbly is a moshling from the Munchies set. He is a soda cup moshling seen on His name is confirmed in the new Moshi Monsters Sticker Album. Fizzy was featured in the Daily Growl and is in Season 2.

How to get moshling Fizzy
Completed Season 2 Mission 8: Kick Some Asteroids!

Set Munchies

Thirsty? You’d better be careful if a Lipsmacking Bubbly offers you a drink because these madcap moshlings are fizzy beyond belief. In fact the bendy straw poking out of every bubbly’s lid is not just for sipping.It allows gas from all that fizzy-wizzy pop to escape so they don’t blow their tops.

Lipsmacking Bubblies are rumored to hang out in Cutie Pie Canyon but they can also be found in Uppity Cup Creek.

Mints and the taste of cardboard.

Wasps and ringpulls

Pip MoshlingPip Moshling

Moshling Pip the Savvy Sapling is a moshling is in the Nutties set. He can also be seen on You need to buy the My Moshi Home toy for the code for the nutty flip.

How to get moshling Pip
Nutty Flip with 2 any other Seeds.

Set Nutties

Savvy by name, Savvy by nature,These titchy woodland Moshlings know everything there is to know (And maybe a little bit more) about nature. When they’re not studying soil samples, leaping into piles of leaves and collecting berries with their acorn hats, Savvy Saplings enjoy playing golf with twiggy clubs and mini gooberry balls.I once stumbled across a tournament and got pelted on the backside with a splat attack of berries. Luckily the Savvy Saplings soon realized I was a fellow nature expert and decided to compare notes. Fascinating, especially as theirs were written in enchanted sap.

The main savvy sapling village is hidden undergrowth in wobbly woods but shrewman tells me they also live in hidey-holes in the trees.

Raindrops and conkers

Concrete and moshling collectors with big feet

Bobbi Singsong MoshlingBobbi Singsong Moshling

Moshling Bobbi Singsong The Jollywood Singaling is an Ultra Rare Moshling from the RoxStars set. His song, ‘Welcome to Jollywood’ is on the Moshi Monsters album, Music Rox.

How to get moshling Bobbi Singsong
Completed Season 2 Mission 6: Welcome to Jollywood.

Set RoxStars

A legend in his distant homeland, this Moshling gooperstar’s smash hit song ‘Welcome to Jollywood’ has been adopted as Jollywood’s national anthem. When he’s not trying to remember his mantra, Bobbi enjoys dodging potholes in his fancy rickshaw. Jolly good!

Jollywood of course, But Bobbi Singsong should be coming to a town very near you!

Meditating and playing his sitar.

Wobble-ade and dilly-dallying.

Zack Binspin moshlingZack Binspin Moshling

Zack Binspin Moshling, Do you already know the latest news on Daily Growl about new moshling character Zack Binspin. He is a talented backing vocals at Monstro City called the Moptop Tweenybop. His best mentor is Simon Growl that made Zack as solo gooper-startdom.

How to get Moshling Zack Binspin
Moshling Zack Binspin is still secret for now. Hello Binspin-mania! just wait for because he rumored to be coming to Mosntro City as soon as possible.

For now you can learn about his BIO or inside info:

Hanging out with his manager Simon Growl at the Sandy Drain Hotel.

Rival bin-bound pop stars and clumsy Glumps.

Favourite items
His fishbone comb and gooey hair gel.

His hairdresser and everyone at HighPants Productions.

“Check out my lid!”

Best friends
Blingo the Flashy Fox and Brutha Bubba, his newly appointed bodyguard (who also happens to be Bubba the Bouncer’s twin brother).

Zack has dreamt of being a famous singer ever since he saw Screech McPiehole yelling on Top of the Mops.

Celebrity pals
Ruby Scribblez, roving reporter for Shrillboard Magazine, has become very close to Zack. She is rumoured to be writing his autobiography (which is currently two pages long and half finished).

Home life
Like most Moptop Tweenybops, Zack Binspin lives in a bin. But not just any bin – since he was snapped up by HighPants Records he’s been funky-fying his pad in true Moptop fashion. In fact the crew at MoshiTV Cribs are keen to take an exclusive peek inside.

Interesting fact
You try to look at the hairstyles and his trash! hmm. Zack Binspin Moshling similar Dustbin Beaver moshling.

Pocito moshlingPocito Moshling

Pocito is going be in the Sporties along with Rooby the Plucky Puncharoo and eventually, two other Moshlings.

How to get moshling Pocito
Complete Season 2 Mission 4 Big Top Ballyhoo

Set Sporties

Tremendously strong and super elasticky, these mysterious masked Moshlings just can’t stop wrestling. If you find one practising the latest eye-watering moves do not disturb or you might find yourself in a spinning headlock with a full-nelson fajito in your face.

In the Atomic Stambuster, a secret training camp near the giant haystacks of El Astico Ranch.

Nachos and Tacum Powder

Referees and Biting

OoompahOompah Moshling

Oompah the Brassy Blowything is a moshling in the Tunies? set along with HipHop. People thought his name was Tooter.

Bright, Boisterous and Symphonic

How to get Oompah moshling
Yellow Star Blossom + Yellow Crazy Daisy + Any Crazy Daisy

Do you like parping? Good, because these melodious Moshlings can’t stop tooting thigh-slapping tunes whenever they smell sausages grilling or hear wobble ade fizzing. And that’s why I’ve managed to collect so many of ‘em over the years because I like nothing more than a few silly sausages washed down with wobbleade when I’m on an expedition. I’ve recently discovered that brassy blowythings also enjoy burping rainbow coloured bubbles when they march in time to their toot-tastic ditties. PARP!

Lederhosen and Jolly Tubthumpers

Kazoo solos and greasy fingers

In Polka Park (alongside Squeezy Tinklehuffs ) but some parp around Windypop Place.

hiphop moshlingHipHop Moshling

HipHop the Blaring Boombox is a New Moshling and is in the Tunies.

How to get HipHop moshling
Any Crazy Daisy + Black Star Blossom + Any Love Berry

Say ‘wassup’ to Blaring Boomboxes the playful noisemakers who just can’t stop rockin’ to the bang beat boogie that blares from their speakers day and night. Obsessed with old-school tunes, they love sharing their music with other Moshlings- and that can be mighty annoying as Grandmaster Bash and his Furious Hive ( Legendary Moshi Rapper with a beehive hairdo) is no longer popular in Monstro City.If you’re feeling daring you can always reach for the ‘stop’ button (every Blaring Boombox has one on it’s head.) Just make sure you don’t press ‘record’ as this causes them to lose their memory.

Skipping rope and bustin’ rhymes

Flat batteries and MP3s

shellyShelly Moshling

Shelly the Nattering Nutling is an Common Moshling in the Nuttiesset. She was featured in the Ultimate Moshling Collectors Guide.

Excitable, Swoony and Gossipy

How to get Shelly moshling
Any Magic Beans + Any Magic Beans + Any Magic Beans

Completely nuts? Not exactly, but Nattering Nutlings are definitely crazy…about Moshi celebrities! And that’s bad news for me, because thanks to my best-selling guidebooks, I’m a household name these days. Whenever I get close to one of these gossipyMoshlings, the first thing it does is flutter its eyelashes and ask for an autograph before running off screaming. Goodness knows how a Nutling would react if it bumped into a proper star like Zack Binspin. When they’re not singing Music Rox songs in front of the mirror, Nattering Nutlings love chattering to each other about the hottest new gooperstars.

Gossip columns and Jam.

Salt and Cheeky Chimps.

Nattering Nutlings can usually be found flicking through the latest Ruby Scribblez book in Goober Gulch.

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