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Moshi Monsters Codes for Special Moshling Seeds and More!

Posted by moshi monsters cheat codes on December 22nd, 2013 at 10:40 pm

Splurgee Burdock

We have Moshi Monsters Codes for special Moshling Seeds!!! You’ll need to plant one of these special seeds with any two other (normal) seeds in your garden. When the plants grow, they’ll attract one of these Moshlings!

For Lurgee you’ll need to plant the Splurgee Burdock, for Carter the Ra-Tichoke, for Bodge the Non-Drip Moss, for Vinne the Glamellia and for Hocus you’ll need to plant the Hocus Crocus.  Remember only one special seed at a time!

Splurgee Burdock Seed – SNOWFLAKE

a-Tichoke Seed – SNOWBALL

Non-Drip Moss Seed – REDNOSE

Hocus Crocus Seed – ICICLES

Glamellia Seed – 2014

Here are two more Moshi Monsters Codes for 50 FREE Rox and Roary’ Directors Chair!

50 Rox – MYSTERY

Roary’s Director Chair  – ROARYCHAIR

Dont forget to check all our other codes and remember only plant one special seed at a time!!!

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  2. i’m looking to find out how to get this rare seeds i’ve read up on all the topics but me and my kids just started are account and my son is mentally ill so he can’t it would mean alot to have some help in getting the codes we need,thanks.

    • moshi monsters cheat codes

      moshi monsters cheat codes |

      Hi Melinda

      We have just noticed that this page was not displaying properly please try the codes now. We hope you and your son enjoy the game and get all the codes you need from our site.

      Kind regards
      Moshi Monsters Cheat Codes

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